Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement at St Michael's C of E Primary School

Jesus Christ said,

"I have come so that you may have life in all its fullness"

Our school strives to build on this hope through the education and experiences that we share.

We recognise that everyone and every day is special.

St Michael’s C of E Primary School aims to provide a caring, stable, stimulating environment for learning. Staff are committed to ensuring that the children’s time at school is productive and successful. We aim to raise achievement through all aspects of the curriculum; developing self-confidence, motivation, self-reliance and co-operation.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and serve the local community by welcoming children from all backgrounds and faiths. Whilst our ethos is positively Christian, we value and respect the diversity of our community and aim to set all children on life’s path through compassion, thoughtfulness and understanding of one another and respect for one another’s differences. We believe that parents and teachers have a responsibility to ensure that children leave school with:

  • good basic skills in English, maths and ICT
  • a love of learning
  • good social skills
  • a sense of responsibility towards society
  • the confidence to stand up for themselves
  • the knowledge that they are special in God’s eyes

so that they are well equipped for a successful future.